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Announcements : Memphis Arrival Instructions

Announcement: Memphis Arrival Instructions

Event Date: 08/20/2018
Please arrive in Memphis on Monday, August 20th. Click here for details.

Please arrive in Memphis on Monday, August 20th between 6am - 6pm (Memphis time).  

If you have received a letter with arrival information that is different, please ignore that arrival date and arrive on Monday, August 20.

We have arranged for you to be met by a staff member or student volunteer at the Memphis International Airport upon your arrival. The person will have a sign that will read “The University of Memphis”. This person will take you to campus and help you check into your room if you are staying on campus. If you are staying off campus, please have the address of your hotel or apartment with you. 


Should you miss the person scheduled to pick you up because of a delay or change in your flight itinerary please take a taxi to The University of Memphis. Taxis are available outside the baggage claim area. A taxi will cost about $25-$40. Uber and Lyft ride share service is also readily available in Memphis. If you are staying on campus at Carpenter Complex, please ask the driver to take you to Carpenter Complex Apartments at The University of Memphis. Carpenter Complex is located off Central Avenue and the closest cross street is Zach Curlin. The physical address is 3875 Tiger Paw South (please see directions below). Please have the taxi driver take you to the front of the complex (through the parking lot) to the security kiosk (small white house).

When you arrive at the Carpenter Complex kiosk please ask for a RA (Resident Assistant) who will help check you in. If for some reason you have difficulty with your check-in, please contact Mr. Quincey Titus, Student Housing Coordinator, at 901-678-4819 or Carpenter Complex helpdesk at 901-678-1641. The closest phone will be in the kiosk, which you can ask to use. If you are unable to check in and require additional help you can reach Ms. Rebecca Laumann on her cell phone at 901-619-9595, Mr. Jonathan Holland at 901-237-4488, or Ms. Carissa Hoitenga at 616-610-0774. Please feel free to call us on these lines if any emergencies should arise before you meet with us.


We will take you shopping on Tuesday, August 21. However, we suggest you bring the following items to get you through the night before we take you shopping:
  • Bed linen (extra-long twin size)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries (including bath tissue)

We hold a series of activities for August 21 – 24. This will include shopping, class registration, campus & city tours, and other fun activities that will allow you to get to know the opportunities and services on campus and to meet other UofM students. We will send a more detailed schedule as the week approaches.


Students only staying for the fall semester should plan to check out of their campus housing on December 14, 2018. Final exams will end on December 13.  

Academic Year students will be able to stay in Carpenter Complex housing between semesters and must move out of their campus dorms on May 3, 2018. Spring 2019 final exams end on May 2, 2019.

Students should book their flights appropriately, keeping in mind students will be responsible for arranging their transportation back to the airport for their departure.